American Legion Post 362 

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Commanders Message

Commander - Tom Ricci

Officers: 1 st Vice – Keith Bender

2nd Vice – Harry Kwiek

3rd Vice – Charlie Zoerb

Adjutant – Charles Schack

Finance Officer – Gary Wald

Service Officer – Tom Ernst

Sgt.-at-Arms – Paul Pedersen

Chaplain – Ken Krieger

Historian – Joe Stapleton

Past Commander–Nat Gaghich

January 2021
Volume 58, Issue 1

The Post calendar for 2021 is included in this month’s Sentinel. Please print it out and save it for easy reference. All events are listed, although outings like the Wine Tasting and Super Bowl Party are already victims of the pandemic safeguards. Events such as the chicken wing nights and clam nights will be listed monthly and on our social media outlets when they are going to occur. Steak Roasts are scheduled for May 5th, July 10th and October 9th. Given current high prices for beef and lack of social distancing while cooking at the grill, those events may be changed to chicken barbecues or other dinners to increase profits and to be compliant. Please note the Legion Lenten Fish Fries commence on February 19th and end April 7th. Next month your volunteer sheets will be included, so check your social calendars for your personal availability. Last year’s “Take out only” system worked well and with a few adjustments can be even more efficient. Ideas for improvement are welcome. We continue to pay our bills even with a closed bar, no bell jar play, no Legion family functions and no rentals of the hall/grove. Our secure financial base is a credit to previous Commanders and Executive Board members whose foresight and fiscal prudence have allowed us to keep solvent. However, we can use all the help we can get. At the end of the tax year-and with another stimulus check possible-remember we are a charitable contribution. Checks are payable to Post 362, P.O. Box 122, East Aurora, NY 14052. As of this printing there were 35 Cash Raffle tickets still unsold. When they are purchased, we will draw for the nine cash prizes. This holiday season, start the new year off by giving the gift of life: Tuesday, January 05 from 10-3 at Post 362 CONNECT LIFE will accept blood or platelet donations-register at AND Thursday, January 07 from 10-3 at Post 362 the AMERICAN RED CROSS will be collecting-register at or call 1-800-733-2767. Included with our seasonal greeting cards was this from Amanda Farrell, Director of Donor Recruitment:“Thank you for being a truly incredible partner to ConnectLife. We are forever grateful. You have helped to ensure that people battling chronic disease, undergoing surgery and those impacted by trauma- have the platelets and blood products they need. Thank you for making a difference in so many lives and for continuing to be such a dedicated partner and supporter. We are honored and humbled to be able to work with you.” When we return to an open Post 362, the new digital cash register will be functional. This should make bartending and bar management easier. For the first time, credit cards will be accepted and ‘bar tabs’ will be a possibility. As we celebrate the holidays, however far apart or sequestered, we give thanks for all our many blessings. For those who have been in uniform away from home during this time of the year, say a special prayer for our military around the world. Stay safe, be happy and embrace the spirit of the season. Keep smiling, Tom

VFW Post 205
Commander Lee Crewson
Officers: Sr. Vice Cmdr – B J Shepard; Jr. Vice Cmdr - Brian White; Quartermaster - Larry Galuski; Adjutant – Jeff Crewson;
Chaplain - Ken York; Svc. Officer - Carl Swinamer; Sgt-at-arms - Norm Suttell; Judge Advocate – Keith Bender;
Surgeon – Jim Suttell
No Report

American Legion Ladies Auxiliary
President Nancy Spink
Officers: 1st Vice – Rita Ciszak; 2nd Vice – Dawn Haney; Secretary – Kathy Kuwik; Treasurer – Wendy Lang; Chaplain – Mary Alice Grant; Historian - Sherry Palmer; Sgt-at-Arms - Joan Gillis
No Report

Sons of American Legion
Commander Ted Skarupinski
OFFICERS: 1st Vice – Steve Kraft; 2nd Vice – Rick Rejman; Finance Officer –James Collins; Adjutant – Dave Drosendahl; Chaplain – Jerry Boye; Sgt-at-Arms – Damian Redlinski; Historian – Mark Cooke; Past Commander Lenny Mazurkiewicz HAVE YOU RENEWED YOUR MEMBERSHIP. If your card says 2020 on it, it won't be any good after January 01, 2021. THE COST TO RENEW IS ONLY $20.00. SO RENEW NOW. Your dues can be mailed into the Legion Post. We are able to pick up our mail there while it is still closed. I want to wish all of you and your family's A Very Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is staying SAFE and WELL this Holiday Season. I wish you all a happy, joyous and a way better New Year. With the restrictions that our governor put in effect it has been hard to get any information out. Our last firearm that we raffled was the 12ga Tristar, over and under and it was won by A J Bittner. He will be taking the firearm. Next up in our raffle is a GLOCK 48 - 19mm. You can contact a SAL member or give me a call or text at (716) 864-3115. I will see that you get a ticket. Please keep all our Veterans and Military abroad and here in your thoughts and that they all come home safe. If any of you have a neighbor rwho is a Veteran, check on them to see if they need anything if they are unable to get out. Even just to say hello. That hello goes a long way.

Adjutant’s Report – Charles Schack
It's time to make your New Years resolution. This coming year I want everyone to stay healthy and avoid the virus that has taken so many American lives. The Legion is still closed as of late December but hopefully we can open up soon and try to get back to some sort of normalcy. Fish Fries start on Feb. 19th and I know Pat Pedersen is always looking for and appreciates any help offered. We still have a collection bin for used cell phones and tablets. If you have a new phone for Christmas, or any of your friends or students received one, please consider donating the old phones to the Cell Phones for Soldiers Program. The collection bin will be at the entrance area if the post is locked. The Meals on Wheels program in East Aurora needs volunteers to help deliver meals to those who are shut in or need help. Most volunteers deliver only one day a week and the route is usually about an hour long. They are also looking for people willing to be fill in volunteers when the regular person is unable to make their commitment date. There are eight delivery routes and you only have to do one day per week. It is very gratifying to see the smiles on the faces on my Friday route. Please consider doing this if you are looking for a volunteer activity. You start the route at about 11AM, Mon. to Fri. For further information, the main office number is 822-2002 and the East Aurora number at the Baptist church on Porterville Rd is 655-4566..... Charlie Schack

American Legion Riders - Chapter 362
Director Don Butcher
OFFICERS: Assistant Director – John Rieman; Secretary – Chuck Mettler, Treasurer – Pat Pederson, Sgt-at Arms - Ben Antonio; Road Cpt – Ray Herter
The January riders meeting us canceled due to covid restrictions. Hopeful the New Year will be better than 2020

Vietnam Vets
President Bill Lewis – ealegion362.vietnam.
OFFICERS: Vice Pres – Tom Ernst; Secretary –Charlie Schack; Treasurer – Nat Gaghich; Chaplain – Earl Hattenberger; Historian – Bill Wright; Sgt-at-Arms – Pete Mistretta; Past President – Gary Wald
Another year is almost over thank god. We all hope and pray next year will be better. Again this year we sold out of Christmas wreaths again I can’t thank you all enough the customers, the worker's, and one else I am leaving out. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we can get back to normal soon. Remember to thank a vet. See you all soon. Bill

Bar Report - Greg Hunt
No Report

Marine Corps League – Southtowns Detachment 1136
Commandant Marcy Ramsdell
OFFICERS: Sr. Vice Cmndr- Mike Cronym; Jr. Vice Cmndr.- Bernie Bartkowiak; Sgt. At Arms- Dave Ramsdell,
Judge Advocate – Dave Miller, Chaplain – Earl Harrington; Paymaster- Margie Sly; Adjutant- Dave Miller; Historian – Merle Sly

Nel Drosendahl
Paul Kishel

Ken Krieger
We may remain at peace when thinking of Lamentations 3:22&23" The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,His mercies never end; they are new every morning.

Service Officer Tom Ernst - In addition to wearing masks and frequent hand washing, public health officials tell us to quarantine, maintain physical distance and avoid close contact with others to help control the spread of covid 19. But for those battling post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), avoidance can maintain symptoms or even make them worse, according to VA health experts. The good news is that effective PTSD treatment is still available by using mobile apps like PTSD Coach or Mindfullness Coach to talk to a VA counselor and avoid going to their office. Further information is available at

Chaplains Report – Ken Krieger Please keep Brian White,Nat Gaghich and Dave Bush in your prayers for health concerns.

Membership – Jack Patterson
American Legion Membership Report for January 2021
I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2021. My hope is that it will be better than 2020.
Some facts on our Legion Post 362 membership during the calendar year 2020
1) Sadly we had 22 members pass away; there may be more if the family hasn’t notified us.
2) Happily we have 12 new members, 10 transfers in and two transfers out, for a net loss of 2 members.
3) We have reached 79% of our 483 members goal
I would encourage anyone who hasn’t renewed to “RE UP ASAP”
Signing up new members has been slow mainly due to all of us having restricted our social activities. If you know of a veteran who is not a Legion member, please call them and ask them to join. If they say” I joined on line” they are put in Post 1 but can transfer to Post 362 at no cost. Also a member of another post can transfer in to Post 362 without additional cost. Please have them contact me at the email address below and I will help them with the process.
Since the Bar is now closed, you can no longer renew there. Mail your check ($45.00) with the notice in the provided envelope to be sure of proper credit. If you misplaced the notice please include your member number on your check, and mail it to The Post. Online renewal is quick and easy (and the only way to use your credit card) by going to our website at:
If you have not been receiving The Sentinel by email it is because we don’t have your email address. There is a place on the renewal notice to add or update your information on the notice. You can also send your email address to me at the address above. Please help us stay current with your information.

Our Hall

Over the course of the last several months, many of you have noticed the many amazing updates happening at our Post. While we aren’t done yet, the hall/ picnic grove is still available for rent.
We have many amenities including:

  • Ample Parking

  • Restrooms

  • Tables/Chairs

  • Handicap Accessible

  • Presentation Ready with WiFi, Microphone Access and Power Point Capable

  • Access to use of 65” Flat Screen TV/DVD/Cable

  • Air Conditioned

  • Kitchen Access

  • Bar/Beverage Service

  • Full Catering Options Available

Please contact Seija Sadowski at:ealegion362.rental@gmail .com or call the Post for more information.


American Legion Meeting 2nd Thursday 

Ladies Auxillary Meeting 3rd Thursday

Vietnam Vets Meeting 1st Thursday

Sons of the Legion Meeting 1st Wednesday

VFW Post 205 Meeting 3rd Tuesday

Marine Detachment Meeting last Thursday

Legion Riders Meeting 1st Saturday

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